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Automatic check-sync


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on the extension registration settings you can force a extension to re-register by clicking the link (check-sync) within the listed registrations.

I want to do this per script or wathever, cause my softphone app on iphone looses registration because of the energy-saving-settings within iOS 6.

I hope this maybe forcec the wlan-connection to stay active.

The Problem is, that within this link there is a random number that changes every time, the registration is renewed.


Any suggestions how I can manage this?

There is no SIP program for linux as far as I know.

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Ouch. That is difficult terrain!


Clicking on check-sync sounds like a very complicated solution to me. If you just want to make sure that there is traffic every couple of seconds, I would just make the registration interval shorter. The PBX keeps the device registered for usually 30 seconds on UDP, and 180 seconds for TCP/TLS. You can change these parameters on the PBX general admin settings. Maybe you can just try to make them as short as 10 seconds to see if that motivates the iPhone to keep the Wifi link up.

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Thanks, but i tried that allready. I changed UDP to 10 an TCP to 30 seconds (the lowest that's possible). No effect :angry:

Of course I dont't want to really "click" every couple of seconds, but perhaps somebody nows how to force this on a CLI.

I also tried a permanent ping, but that didn't work either.

I've got a snom ONE plus here, so maybe it could be possible to set a cron job for this.

There is some kind of solution for that, but I couldn't reach sipsak.org for a while.

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I have my doubts if this will work at all. Did you try to click every few seconds manually on the check sync and did that keep the phone registered? If we invest a lot of time in this, change the code, build versions, and then at the end of the day find out that the phone drops the connection after a few minutes, then this action was a waste of time. Does Apple actually have any documentation on the behavior? The danger of "reverse engineering" is that they change the behavior with the next software update.

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I don't want anybody to change code, build new versions or anything like that. It is just a question towards the community, if anyone managed this allready.

As you can see from my allready posted link (How_to_trigger_the_phone_to_synchronize_its_settings_via_mass_deployment) there could be a possibility, by sending sip messages to the iphone. But I can't reach sipsak.org since a while, so I'm not able to make some experiments with that.

All I want is the information, if anyone allready tried to send sip messages to a (soft-)phone within a linux shell.

And perhaps a short explanation about it.

I'm nat aksing about development or coding on snom-side.

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