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I've been exploring Dial plans for some time and I think a wonderful feature to add to dial plans would be a new column entitled ACTION.


With each dial plan you can choose additional actions to take.


(LOG) simply log the call regardless of the log settings


(RECORD) record the call using this dial plan


(EMAIL) send an email when this Dial Plan is used. (Email a person, a group, whenever an E911 call is made very nice for multi building office)


(REDIRECT) rather than send them to a trunk send it to a account box with a recorded message. (account 500 is a message telling them to not use 411 since it costs $1.00 per call and we recommend using the WEB for phone number lookups


(PASSWORD) requires a password to use this Trunk (Use the account PIN, log the call)

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Okay. I think all of these wishes are reasonable. No matter what we do, we must be careful to keep things simple for joe average.


I'm glad you like the ideas. This would expand the usage of Dial Plans.


I'm working a 175 extension sales proposal for install in July and having a few of these would be helpful. The emailing is something I'll have to address, as the existing system serves 14 buildings on a small campus and using an SMDR call recording system we have E911 email notifications. This is a 24x7 facility and any 911 call must go to the entire staff distribution list so that staff can take emergency action to direct emergency services to the extension that dialed 911.


We are installing a Proof of Concept 6 extension cs410 with FXO access to the existing PBX and SIP trunks for added lines and a WIFI mesh solution for the campus....


If you were to look at these options, can you prioritize emailing on trunk usage?


Can provide far more info offline if necessary.



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