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Handsets do not ring

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Hi Team,


Experienced IT pro, but relative newbie to VoIP and Snom gear. We've been using it in-house for a few months but things are getting less reliable, and I seem to have exhausted the expertise of the local distributor.


We have a Snom ONE SoHo appliance and 4x Snom 320 handsets. Some time ago the handsets were registering directly with our SIP provider. Then we thought we'd like to start selling the gear, so we bought a SoHo for in-house use to get more familiar with it. We had the SoHo registering with the provider, but after an office move and a change of DSL router this started giving trouble. So we upgraded the SoHo firmware, upgraded the 320's firmware, changed the VDSL Router to one the local Snom distributor recommended, and went to SIP Trunking. We are now making and receiving calls reliably.


The remaining issue is that frequently (at least 10%) of the time, the desk phones look like they are ringing (incoming Caller ID information, flashing lights, etc) but the phone is not audibly ringing.


Incoming calls are directed to Account 72 - the default Hunt Group. That group used to ring my extension for 10 seconds, then ring all 4 extensions for 60 seconds after that. because my phone was not ringing reliably, currently the first stage of the hunt group is to ring all 4 phones (40 41 42 43). All extensions are valid and have phones registered against them. The Final Stage is my extension, but this should never be reached as our provider's voicemail will have picked up the call by then.


For the majority of incoming calls, at least one handset will not ring. In a series of 4 calls from customers, we had 2 handsets ring, then 3 ring, then none ring, then 1 ring.


I've just been testing it from my mobile to capture a log to add to this post, but all 4 are ringing at present, so I'll have to post this later after capturing a log of the system misbehaving.


I've now captured and attached some log files.

- from a handset that did not ring (log level 5)

- from a handset that did ring (log level 9)

- from a handset that did not ring (log level 9)

- from the SoHo where none of the extensions rang

- from the SoHo where 2 extensions rang and one did not.


I noticed during testing that if an extension did not ring, and I answered the call on that extension, the next time a call came in that extension DID ring. I was testing using my extension (40), then when it started ringing properly I moved to extension 41, and the final log I created on the SoHo hilights extension 42 did not ring.


Other configuration notes in case it is relevant:

- Between the phones and the PBX are 2 reputable gigabit network switches of a reputable brand.

- The phones and our PCs share the same network - no VLANS etc.

- We don't have a call quality issue.

- SoHo firmware is

- 320 firmware is

- Transport Layer is set to UDP (buth for the Trunk and under PnP Parameters)

- All 4 phones share the same Button Config, with 4 BLF buttons for the 4 extensions, and a Park Orbit button.


This has been pretty frustrating, so I would appreciate any assistance that can be offered.


Thank you in advance


DIT SnomONE Log.txt

DIT SnomONE Log 40 41 rang 42 did not ring.txt

DIT Snom320 Log Level5 did not ring.txt

DIT Snom320 Log Level9 Handset did ring.txt

DIT Snom320 Log Level9 different Handset did not ring.txt

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For tracing UDP is fine; however in production I would definitively use TCP or TLS. There is no point fighting packet loss problems.


If the phone receives a call, but does not ring it is definitively a problem with the phone.


The 8.7.15 firmware has reportedly problems with buttons where the phones are just sitting there and don't change the LED state (e.g. for line seize). I would stay on 8.7.10. For 320 also some older version like 8.4.32 or 8.4.35 might be a better choice. I believe the 8.7 are only necessary for the 7xx series.

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Thank you for the response.


I downgraded to 8.4.35 and we started getting issues with one-way audio. 8.4.32 is giving the same issues. Currently downgrading to 8.2.35.... same issue.


The local distributor (Snappernet.co.nz) has a brilliant tech team but I've really had them scratching their heads over this one.


They have just come back to me with some suggestions, including setting the RTP Port Range to 8000-8020 (which would be fine for our small system) and limiting the codecs to G.711A and G.711U. The port change did not help but limiting the codecs to G.711 has allowed incoming audio on an outgoing call to work correctly using an 8.4.x firmware.


The issue of handsets not ringing with 8.7 firmware remains, but for now I've spent too much time on phone issues and need to go and make some money. I probably won't look at this any further.




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Anyway, if there are media problems it does make sense to get a PCAP trace from what's going on. I agree scratching the head and trying all kinds of things out is very time consuming. We are running 710 here with with satisfying results (no one way audio or something), and there are lots of 3xx on 8.4.32 also without major problems.

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