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No busy signal


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I have 2 trunks set up with failover to the 2nd trunk. When a call is made, and the destination is busy, instead of hearing a busy tone, the failover is activated. In my case, the 2nd trunk is a PSTN through an SPA-2102, and I just get a dial tone.


If I was to dial the number again at that dial tone, I get the busy signal, confirming that snom one is not identifying the busy signal, or at least I don't have it set up correctly.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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snom ONE does usually not deal with the tones that are coming from the RTP stream. If the other side plays a busy signal, then the PBX relays that tone to the other side. I believe that is okay and actually not the problem here.


But I suspect that there is something wrong with the setup of the SPA-2102. I would make a test dial plan that always dials through the SPA and see if that works properly.

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I can dial through the SPA-2102 no problem, and without failover on the first trunk, I do get a busy signal. The problem arises when I have failover on the first trunk, and the destination is busy. In that case, snom one will still failover to the second trunk, and I don't get a busy tone.


How do I get snom one to halt the failover process if it detects a busy signal on the first trunk?

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