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Call Accounting - Add on Software


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On advise, I am making a second post about call accounting software options.


We have a call center prospect and they have an interesting request. (outbound calling only)


they would like a shift report that shows the IDLE time that this extension was making no calls, regardless of being on hold, talking or otherwise.


they are a 30+ year old firm with ZERO technology, and a the owners believe this is the single most important report... From that report they can drill down to more information if needed.


they operate on shifts so a reporting that shows EXTENSION IDLE or NO CALL TIME from 8:00 - 12:00 arriving at 12:15 will immediately highlight potential trouble spots.


The second shift report from 13:00-17:00 arriving at 17:15 addresses the afternoon shift..


It seems the available Call Reporting Software only reports on activity (not the lack of calls) Sure a little math gives you a number, but having a canned report is not to much to ask.




Your thoughts,,,

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