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Calls dropped after 2m 32s

Kahele Nakaahiki

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I'm having an issue where calls are dropping between mine 2 snom systems after exactly 2m 32s. One snom system (lets say A.) is on version 2011- (Linux) the other (let say B.) is a Snom One Plus appliance on version 2011- Beta Corona Austrinids (CentOS32). I can make calls from B to A without issue but any calls originating in A and going to B drop after the before mentioned time. All other trunks (SIP providers) out of each system have no issues. This is the last thing I see in the log as the call drops.


[5] 2013/02/04 12:50:34: SIP Rx tls:

SIP/2.0 200 OK

Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-8f876f023705f3bf78db0670a54a910f;rport=5061

From: "Cell Phone" <sip:8025559569@;user=phone>;tag=1833935100

To: "Ks desk" <sip:340@>;tag=ldlkn738fa

Call-ID: 89ae4586@pbx

CSeq: 28122 BYE

Contact: <sip:340@;transport=tls;line=fic34xgq>;reg-id=1

User-Agent: snom821/8.4.35

RTP-RxStat: Total_Rx_Pkts=7605,Rx_Pkts=7603,Rx_Pkts_Lost=0,Remote_Rx_Pkts_Lost=0

RTP-TxStat: Total_Tx_Pkts=7606,Tx_Pkts=7606,Remote_Tx_Pkts=0

Content-Length: 0


[7] 2013/02/04 12:50:34: Call 89ae4586@pbx: Clear last request

[5] 2013/02/04 12:50:34: BYE Response: Terminate 89ae4586@pbx


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Well that log is from the phone, that probably does not help much. The question is how the systems are connected. Are they able to "see" each other, meaning can they send packets to each other directly or is there NAT involved?


There is an edge device sitting between the 2 systems now and the B side is now using NAT at the edge devive. All communications on the A side hits the PBX directly.

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Hmm. Any chance that the two PBX can send packets directly to each other, for example through a VPN? Edge devices are complex and it is easy to make mistakes.


Yeah, we had to take the edge device out of the picture. I was hoping it was a problem that could be resolved from the Snom as our SIP provider didn't seem to know how to remedy the issue from their edge device. Thanks for the help.

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