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SnomONE PBX extensions


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We have many customers that have between 100 and 200 customers. We even have customers with 500 extensions on it. And there is even a system that we are aware about with 1700 extensions on it.


There are two essential factors that you have to keep mind. The first one is how active these users are. For example, a call center with the agents connected 80 % of their time generates a lot more traffic than an engineering company where the employees pick up the phone one or two times per day. The installation with 1700 extensions has most of them not even registered most of the time, so that is why that number is okay.


The next factor is obviously the hardware that is in use. While the PBX always bind to one core, it does make a difference if you take the latest server CPU with xxx GHz, cache, DDR3 & Co or a snom ONE mini. With the mini as a rule of thumb you can have ten calls, while on a modern server you can have 150 concurrent calls.


I you want to reach higher numbers, you have to split the installation up into several domains. Usually if you have large company clients, it is relatively easy to identify departments that from a PBX point of view, work independently. Then you can work with gateway trunks so that they can call each other with extension numbers.

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So basically Snom One PBX supports unlimited number of extensions but it all comes to the Specs of the server and how much traffic is generated and if the server hosting the PBX is able to handle all this traffic?


Could I say, there's unlimited number of extensions but Hardware specs needs to be put into account?



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Hi again,


I appreciate your valuable help but I still need more if possible, as we need this critical information


Is it possible to Install PBX for a company with 5000 extensions that does 500 concurrent calls on one Server ? and if it's possible what are the estimated server specs required to run such a thing.


If not, is it possible to install it on many servers with one Dial Plan and one management panel. if this is possible how many servers required and what are the required specs for all servers?


I highly appreciate your answer on this one.



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500 calls are not possible today (as far as I know what processors are out there). I would say the limit is 250 calls today with the best processor that you can get.


Yes, the key is partitioning into domains. Once that is done, you have to think of calling from one company to another (one domain to another), using the dial plan. In order to avoid going through PSTN for money, you can bypass that with gateway trunks. If you have too many servers, it makes sense to use a SIP proxy as intermediate (10 server would result in 90 routes, 100 servers into 9900 routes). We added the possibility to represent the dial plan in text form, so that it is easier to copy & paste it into several servers.


When it comes to server specs, my recommendation is to go for mainstream servers where the price/performance ratio is the best. You need only two cores for a server and 8 GB of memory is also okay unless you want to keep a huge CDR history in memory. Hard-drive requirements are low, you can go for a SSD to lower the risk of a hard drive crash (unless you want to record all phone calls). There is no hard number that I can give you, because the call capacity depends on so many factors. But as a rule of thumb I would say a mainstream server like that is good for 100 calls, and if you users are 25 % busy on the phone that means that you can have around 400 extensions on such a system.

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