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SnomOne Recording to Secure FTP site


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I would like to know if SnomOne recording feature is capable of allowing recording to a remote site such as Secure FTP and if there's away to encrypt the recorded call before transferring the recorded file to the FTP site.


if not, could there be any third party or any other solution that could do this?



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In Linux, it is relatively easy to create a symbolic link (ln -s) to another file system. For example, you can have the snom ONE installation on a local hard drive, and make a symbolic link to file system that has been mounted over NFS on a remote system. Or you use a SSD hard drive locally for the PBX, and make a link to a standard HD for the recordings. The PBX can deal with delays when writing to the file system; the playout of RTP does not stop because of this. However when recording filesystem is blocking it does not read more files; the result would be that when your remote NFS becomes unavailable, you would not hear IVR messages any more. That is whyt is ia a better idea to keep the recording folders local and use a replication mechanism like rsync or DropBox to push the data out to an external server.

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