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Plug and Play Not Working

Travis H

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I've seen that Plug and Play has been discussed several times on these forums but I can't figure this out.


I have a new server setup and I have completed the plug and play autoconfiguration setup with Snom. I am trying to provision my phone over the Internet as the PBX is housed in a datacenter. When my phone (Snom 710) boots up, it doesn't automatically provision. If I login to the web interface of the 710 I can see that it has downloaded the correct Update Settings URL (set in the Snom interface under "PnP Settings -- Address of the PBX (e.g. http://pbx.com)" but it never goes beyond that point. I can load factory settings and the same thing happens again.


Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere? My server is not NAT'd so the public ip address is assigned directly to the ethernet interface. I can browse to http(s)://public-ip/snom710.htm and see the file with the correct URLs. Do I need to modify my PnP Address on the Snom One to something more specific than http://public-ip/ ?


Thanks for anyone who can help me out.

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