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Ringtone for extension is repeating after 15 seconds


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I have a problem with ringtone for extension.


I just uploaded a wav file in the right format ( 1min 30s long ), and if i call my extension then as ringtone i can hear only the wav file's first 15 seconds repeating, and not the full length.


Does anyone know how to extend custom ringtone's play time?


I tried to call from inside extension and also from outside trunk, but i have the same problem from both directions.


Any solution is welcome.


Thank you in advance,


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I was not able to replicate you scenario, I was able to play the file 1:20s then it loop back which is normal.


You can PM me the file and I can test it in our labs to see if it's reproducible.


Hi MR X,


The problem is up only for one extension, so i opened other ones which are working fine.




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