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Initiating a 3rd party call when 2 extensions are talking


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I would like to know how to achieve the following:


I would like to record calls between 2 SIP phones which are registered to SnomOnePBX but using a different Recording Server or product. Right now I have this scenario setup and ready to go except one more thing.


In order to start recording, It requires a direct interaction from one of the two parties to dial third party extension. That third party which is the recording server needs to be invited manually in order for recording to start.


What I would like to achieve is how to automatically invite this extension on any calls that take place between any sip phone that's registered to SnomOne PBX. or any SnomOne Phones without direct interaction from phones.


Any input is much appreciated.


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The URI goes into the "Record Location" (Admin/General/Recording CDR). The phone settings have not much to do with this (you can for example also monitor calls that come in on a trunk and go out on a trunk).


Just put there sip: (where is the IP address if a phone that has a SIP UDP port open on port 5060). Then answer the call on that phone and listen when a monitor call comes in.

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