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Call from SnomOne PBX extension to another extension with Lync DID at once


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I would like to know if is it supported to call an extension and Lync DID of user simultaneously ?


in more details, I have extension 40 which is a Lync user with DID 320 220 9663. I would like extension 41 to call extension 40 at both Desk and Lync at the same time.


what I have tried so far is setting up Lync user's extension to 41 but that would only ring the desk phone. I tried redirection (Cell phone) and this works but I would rather use cell phone for cell phone not for desk purpose.


any help is appreciated.



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The integration between Lync and snom ONE is essentially limited to presence.


The PBX might also act as PSTN gateway from Lync perspective, but snom ONE is not qualified for that. IMHO you have to make a decision where you want your "voice" calls (essentially phone calls with the public telephone network). Having voice in both Lync and snom ONE ends up in a lot of problems.

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