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We have released a new version 5.0.6 with some greatimprovements.


First of all, we got back from the old PAC/WAC/SAC into theweb world by supporting websockets now. This relatively new standard is usedfor real-time updates from the server to the web browser. Classical examplesfor this include instant messaging, but we can use this also for updatingextension status on the web client and showing active calls. These things weredone in previous versions of the PBX using AJAX, but this technology came atthe price of a high traffic overhead and always had the danger of missing anupdate. It was a hack to be honest. The new websocket architecture is clean andIMHO very promising for client user interface design, and who knows maybe for telephonyin general. The design in 5.0.6 can be improved, give us a few versions to prettifyit and add features that did not make it into the first version.


The second big change is regarding the provisioning. This areais the most critical area for those persons, who have to install the PBX. We haveadded the certificate-based provisioning which works like a charm, but faced problemswith customers who were using phones that don’t have certificates. We had acase where a reseller was installing a phone and we were sitting there for twohours trying to get the “plug and play” working just to find out that the passwordwas put into the wrong place. This was calling for action. The new provisioningopens a window in time when the PBX trusts the MAC address of the phone, and duringthat time the PBX provisions a secret into the phone that can be used later forauthentication purposes. This works very well, even in the cloud and stillprovides a reasonable security. We will have to explain this in more detail on theWiki and even take some short videos on how to plug phones into the system.


Last not least, we added domain logging. Now when you are ina domain and click on the log link, you will see only messages that affect thedomain. For the system administrators, this makes it easier to filter all othermessages out. And for the domain administrator this is the first time that thisperson sees log messages at all. This underlines our determination to makecloud deployments easier.


The new version is available as usual from the wiki at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Release_5.0.



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