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Prevent certain extensions from going to voicemail


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I have 3 Algo 8028 Door phones which I have setup as registrations for their own extensions. I want these extensions to be able to ring all of the extensions in the hunt groups without them sending these calls to voicemail. Is it possible to do this? I still need other calls to go to voicemail on the extensions in that hunt group. For example, extension 100 is the receptionist and MUST be able to allow voice mails from other extensions as well as trunk lines, but if someone is at the door, I need it to ring until someone answers it (not the voice mail attendant). Thanks!

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When a hunt group calls extensions, it never goes into the extensions mailbox. Except when you explicitly send them to the mailbox in the final stage (usually with prefix 8).


The hunt group might be also a way to solve the problem if you want to call the extension directly without that extension mailbox picking up ever. Just call the extension through a hunt group, which has only this one extension in stage 1 (with a long ring duration).

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I have 3 Algo 8028 door phones. They all ring to a hunt group. The problem is that we need them to continue to ring until someone answers them, but voicemail for the phones in the hunt group eventually picks up. Is there a way for those 3 extensions to ring other phones but never go to voicemail? We still need other extensions and trunk lines to go to voicemail. Thanks!

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