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Call Recording


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I am helping out someone that was abandoned by their phone vendor with call recording. They have a "Record" button on their phone but when I follow the online help to setup and the location and test it doesnt seem like their server has the right fields.



Since they are a group of attorneys they would like to record call when needed not all. It would be nice if the call recording was then emailed but its also fine if its put in a directory location that can share out.


Attached is a screenshot of the Snow version to see if it should support recording and the other screenshot is where i think the recorder location field should be but isn't...maybe...if i am reading the direction right.







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If they don't want to upgrade to 5.0, they can as well upgrade to 4.5.1 where the PBX provisions the recording button on the phone with a XML menu, where they can turn recording on and off. That should solve their problem.


Would their licensing support either upgrade path? If so any reason not to go to 5.0?


Thanks for the help so far!

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