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Issue with Night Service fields v5.0.6

Mark Dixon

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I am getting an error where the system, will not leave a space between the "Night Service Number" numbers i.e. i want it to be the below:


Service Flag Account ==> 555 556

Night Service Number ==> 8201 8220


Instead the system is pushing the 8201 and 8220 together i.e. 82018220 then trying to make an out bound call to this number. How does one stop, the night services number field numbers getting jammed into one long number?


Regards Mark.

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Can confirm it also does this in 5.07.


To get the space to take you need to click on the account pop up when it appears while typing the 2nd account number. And then for some reason it will then take the space.


Example - Joe Smith is 205, when you type 201 then space 205, "205 Joe Smith" appears, click on it and it will add in the space.


If your adding an 8 in front for direct to voicemail you will not get the pop up so you will not be able to add the space.


So when doing multiple service flags your in trouble. I have the same issue at present with a customer.


What I told you above will get 8201 working but you will need to keep the other as 220 and put 220 voicemail answer time lower.


This needs to be fixed.

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Yes it is already fixed and will be in the next version. For those who cannot wait, edit the template for dom_acd.htm, dom_hunt.htm and dom_attendant.htm and change process_telnum into process_telnum (notice the plural). When upgrading to the new version, please don't forget to revert the changes back to the default, so that you also get future updates.

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