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Change on registration to SIP providers between versions?

Carlos Montemayor

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The JavaScript for editing the trunk headers has changed. Especially with the Privacy header there were some changes necessary. But if you just upgrade without hitting the save button, then IMHO it should work. Where does it fail? Registration, inbound or outbound calls?


Anyway, if you can go to the text mode in the trunk and copy & paste the settings, we can take a look what potentially went wrong. Also for the sake of search engines and other users that might have the same problem it would be good to know which service provider you are using.

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Thanks for answering. This setup was not an upgrade. I mean. I have used the SIP provider in a different equipment (a couple of snom minis, versión 4.5.1) and it worked fine, and in a completly new installation, I had this problem using 5.0.6


Because I was rather under preassure, I tried several times and at last I hit success. What I did was to upgrade to versión 5.0.8 and then I rebooted the system. After a while (it took serveral minutes) the trunks started to register, although I was not so sure because I was not able to read the coveted "200 OK" message. What I was able to read was something like "refresh after 1800 seconds" or something like it. Several minutes after that, I was able to read the 200 OK.


One Little mistery remains though . One of the accounts toggles between 603 Decline and 200 OK. Every other account (which have the same configuration) are 200 OK steady. This particular SIP provider does B2B. I will PM you with the details and follow your instructions.




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