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System Backup = No Domain Address Book


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Hi Guys


Not sure if this is a bug or not but doing a system config backup and loading it into a new system does NOT appear to bring across the domain address book.


So i am guessing either its not backed up in the config file or there is a problem when reloading the config file back in.


This means if the client has a hardware failure and did not have a csv backup of there address book they would need to manually re-enter all there entries or create a csv.


Learnt this the hard way today, and with cell fields not working yet in csv, manually entering 50+ cell numbers is painful =(

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Is this the backup of the whole system? Or just a domain?


As for the whole system, this function should be really limited to environments where you have no file system access (e.g. snom ONE mini). Especially when the backup gets large, making a backup becomes a significant burden for the PBX.

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Whole system from a remote backup. We learnt the hard way that it does cause a lot of strain on the system as we traced it to the cause of 870 handsets locking up and sometimes squeeling after a system backup.


But it is needed as the programming in these systems is extremely complex as it is 8 x snom systems connected across 8 sites. I do it remotely at night after major changes occur to a system. I then reset system after backup to make sure the system is good.

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