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parallel calling of cell phones


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I'm working with one of my clients who wishes to do a parallel ring to 4 cell phones. Hunt groups only call out to extensions, i did attempt to convince him to have the cell phones rung immediately when the service flag turns on. He did not like that.




I've tried setting up a service flag and enabling it so that they all hit each redirect on a separate extension (4) but they don't all ring at the same time.

no dice




where should i turn now? I read on another PDF that parallel cell phone calling is available, is that in conjunction with the extension? I'm wanting to do multiple cell phones at the same time.


How can I make this happen?


thanks in advance

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You can put more than one cell phone into one extension. Separate the numbers with spaces. Then they will all ring; the first one who connects the call will get the call.


Hunt groups can also include the cell phone of the extensions; there is a setting for that on the extension level (redirection tab). There you can also define the hours when the forking should take place, so that none of the users has to be afraid to get called in the middle of the night or on the weekend.

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