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Simple TCP CDR collection

Carlos Montemayor

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Well, the one that seems closer to what I am looking for (so far at least) is called: "Advanced PBX Data Logger". It is collecting data, although I am getting two lines for each call. (as if it were seeing a CR LF where there is none). Also, it seems to be missing some important fields, like trunk number and call direction. I will ask the developer for help, of course (aggsoft). However, if someone has had success with other software, it will be good to know.








I am having trouble finding a software tool that Works. I am deploying the pbxs in remote locations and it would make sense to collect CDR using the simple TCP connection. Any suggestions as of a software to collect those CDRs?




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I did and it looks very promissing. I already installed a group of programs called: "WAMP" that, for what I gather, should work with JSON. The only problema is that all that is just too new for me and I have not been able to make it work yet, but I will not give up.





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