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SBC on CS410


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Hi PBXnSIP support,



We have SBC issue where it seems is not working...



Here are the flow of the calls:




IP-phone (Account: 41)-----> PBXnSIP (Public IP ) ----Trunk(SIP GW) --- SIP ---> domain (domain of the quintum) ==> connect , no audio two ways




Any GW (Public-IP) ------------------ SIP ------------------------------> domain (domain of the quintum) ==> connect, Audio two ways




Now, the far quintum GW has domain, because the public IP is dinamic.....



Finally, in the quintum Gw we saw the IP from the IP-phone , never ever saw the IP from the PBXnSIP(CS410)......



This is the screen shoot from the Quintum:



41(account in CS410) 52xxxxx (Called number) 2 V/IP /SL02 DI02 CH03's private ip) 711-U



Remember that in the quintum side, it is working very well because it is completing the call from Any GW ....


I think to resolve the audio issue is that the CS410 works such a SBC , where public IP of the CS410 must be the origination.....



How can we set up the SBC in the CS410 ??




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Guest Paul McCabe

I set up a trunk to your Quintum gateway from my CS410. I called the number referenced (52155xxxxx401) and there was two way audio on the call. I set up a simple Gateway Trunk with just the domain name of the gateway specified in the Domain field (quintumxxxxxxilac.dyndns.org).

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