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Blacklisting in Address Book


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Using PBXnSIP Version: (Linux)


Cannot seem to get black listing to work. Sometimes it will cicumvent the callerID with the name we assigned it. But blacklisted numbers are still getting through.


I've tried inbound using Hunt Group and Auto Attendant neither block numbers on the blacklisting. I've made sure all extensions are set to reject blacklisted numbers.


How does this feature work? It should not be this difficult it's even a star code! I've read the manual, searched and tore through it page by page. I just can't seem to make blacklistings work!


Please let me know your black listing secrets!!!



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The problem could be that you don't have the country code set for the domain and therefore the number matching does not work as expected. Internally the PBX tries to convert all numbers into a global format starting with +<countrycode><number>, so that the matching becomes easy and fast.

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I added the 1 for "Country code (e.g. "1" or "32"):" field.


Is that the entry that is needed to complete black listing? Do I need to enter anything for area code?


I added my personal number and attempted to call back however nothing was blocked and the call went through normally.

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When you receive calls from other numbers that are not blacklisted, but in the address book, do you see the name that was entered in the address book? If yes, then the address book matching works in general and the problem is limited to the blacklisting feature.

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