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Multiple DID Routing to 1 extension


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I am trying to use PBXNSIP as a go between, between my ITSP, and a traditional Samsung iDCS 100 PBX. The pbx supports sip, however it is not fully compliant, so I need to send everything through PBXNSIP and treat the traditional phone switch as an extension. This works perfectly in all respects other than inbound DID routing. The ITSP sends me the 11 digit DID info, and I can use it as tel: aliases on the extension however when the PBXNSIP sends the call along to the Samsung PBX it strips all of the DID info out of the to and the contact fields of the sip invite request, and therefore the Samsung always gets the 3 digit extension number and does not know how to route the call based on DID.

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Two things come to my mind.


First, you can assign a list of DID numbers to each account (e.g. "tel:2121234567 tel:2121234568"). This may help you to assign several DID to one account.


Second, there is a setting called "Change names in To/From-headers" in the domain settings. By default it is on, maybe you want to change it to off.

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