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Unsupported media type


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i'm having issues with our Snom One Mini and our five Snom 821.


Since when we changed to g729a codec (we were using g711 before), occasionally the phones give the message "unsupported media type" when trying to dial a number (both internal and external). We're also experiencing strange behaviour like the call being missed when put in hold and a lot of incoming call refused by the pbx.


The phones are running fw and the pbx is running Zeta Perseids (snom ONE mini).


Any thoughts?



Best regard

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The thing with G.729A is that is must be licensed per channel. If you are running out of channels, you get that message unless you allow other codecs. That is a feature...


How can i see how many channels it allows right now?


Is it possible to buy further licenses?


Thank you

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