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PBXnSIP Maximum Testing


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is soon arriving and I'd enjoy knowing how PBXnSIP holds up in a controlled LAB SIP session testing scenario. I'm in for $50 of the $350 fee. Not too far from PBXnSIP offices too.


reply to my own posts - What a day. we'll have http://sipp.sourceforge.net/ up and going in a few short weeks to do some of our own testing. More to train staff and to learn. Be nice to crush a SIP server too with 10,000 calls an hours :(

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Guest Paul McCabe

This would be a good event for us to check out. The Durham campus is less than an hour away so it makes it easy for us to attend the event and get some good exposure. I will look into it further.

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We have been to a couple if SipIt since SipIt 8 in Cardiff (different company at that time). Fortunately the SIP interop problems that we have in our day-to-day life are not the biggest problems (thanks to the B2BUA nature). You can't test a hunt group there, it mostly about spirals, tags, etc. It would be exciting if companies like Microsoft or Cisco show up with their flagship products.

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