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110 digit train not accepted by M9r

Carlos Montemayor

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I am running a pilot with a customer and I have set several snom 3XX, 7XX and a couple of M9r. Everything is working smoothly exception made of the inability of the M9r handsets to place calls to certain local phone numbers. When somebody dials 110, the call is dropped immediately. This does not happen with any of the desk phones. Everything has been configured the same for the desk pones and the handsets. I mean, they are just extensions with the same dial plan. Does 110 mean something special to the handsets? Can I change something so the M9r can call local numbers that start with the digits 110?



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Well, I just saw that the firmware is not the latest. The m9 is running 9.5.6 a and I tried to upgrade to 9.6.2 a with no luck. In the log I can see a 408, request time out. I imagine that a firewall did not allow me to upgrade. Nevertheless, I tried a simple "reboot" and that did the trick. They can dial 110xxxxx numbers now.

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