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A customer has 8 T22P Yealink handsets and each are registered fine under version 5.0.10

The trouble is that the zone time needs settings to

0 United Kindon (London)

Daylight Saving Time Automatic

Time format 24 Hour

Date format DD-MMM-YY


Where can these be added in under templates?


If it needs to be added into yealink_common.text what would the correct format be for PNP to work. Obviously I don't want it to change any other settings such as names and passwords just the zone time etc as above.

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The template should actually contain the time zone already. Can you check what has been generated in the "generated" folder?

The pbx is remote so I cannot check just yet but this shouldn't be the issue here.


When you set the timzone under 'domain' / 'general settings' to London - 7/9 09:47 indicating that you want your handsets to be provisioned using that region, date and time format, this doesn't not get pushed out to the handsets.


Having to go into each handset via the webpage to change the settings is not what should happen. It maybe ok if you have 1-3 handsets but any more, then the pbx should automatically provision the settings you require.


This doesn't seem to be the case.

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If you have provisioned the phones with 5.0.10h then you don't need to open the accounts again. I would choose to reboot the phones, just to make sure that they really get the config. Also check if the files in the generated folder are updated after you have rebooted the phones.

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