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Snom 710 phone registration problem


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Hello All,


I'm having issues with registering one 710 Snom phone. I have followed the instructions for the phone and still the phone will not register. On the phone display it shows 40@tekvizion.com failed provision. Below is the DHCP section from our Cisco router.


ip dhcp pool SnomMini
domain-name tekvizion.com
option 42 ip
option 66 ip



I also attached a screen shot of the registration section for the "40" extension. I have a wireshark trace but this forum application will not allow the trace to be uploaded.


I have just run out of ideas, hopefully someone can help me out. Thank you in advance for you help in this matter.


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I have a Snom 320 and still this 320 will not register. The configuration is pretty much default except for the "Trunk" configuration to a Adtran SBC. The SBC is doing the registration, not the Snom one PBX. I can provide traces, configs, etc. What ever you need, as to resolve this issue :)

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If you are using option 66 with a DHCP server, you can just put the IP address of the PBX into the option 66 (and leave option 67 empty). For example, "". Depending on the software version that you using on the phones, you have to put in "" or "tftp://". The 3xx series does not come with built-in certificates; therefore you must "trust the MAC address" (which is a version 4 setting for provisioning; in version 5 we have changed that concept to be a lot more secure). If it all does not help, send us a private message with remote HTTP access to the phone and the PBX and we'll fix it from here.

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