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Initial trunk setup question


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Hello All,


What is the proper way to setup a "trunk" configuration on a Snom one mini with the following elements.


PBX: Snom one Mini (Version 4.5)

SBC: Adtran 908e


The LAN side of the Adtran is connected to the Snom one Mini (IP =

The WAN side of the Adtran is connected to a Charter (SIP trunk). (LAN side IP =

The Adtran is providing the SIP registration to the Charter network.


I'm attaching screen shots of the current configuration attempt.


Also, when I reboot the 320 snom phone I see this in the trace, see trace snapshot attachment.




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Trunk: I would put some information into the display and account fields, so that the trunk is able to send something out when the header presentation has nothing better. "Adtran" and "adtran" would be okay. The outbound proxy should be in SIP URI format sip:; however what you have put in there is also okay.


For inbound calls, you need to tell the PBX where to send the call. If the field is empty, the PBX will search for the account in the SIP Request-URI. If you can already receive inbound calls to the PBX then leave it as it is. Otherwise, just put a extension or auto attendant number into field in order to get this going.


Regarding snom 320 provisioning, try to put only the IP address into option 66 of the DHCP server (as ASCII characters, not binary). Then the phone should default to TFTP and get its configuration from there.

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