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UK withheld number code 141


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I am trying to find a way to use the UK "141" number withheld function on our SNOM ONE PBX. This is because the trunk i'm using cannot accept caller ID blocking or presenting the word "unknown" for example. The only way to withhold your number on this particular trunk is to add "141" before number dialled.

If I want to be able to dial "141" before each number to withold the caller id manually how do I write this in the dial plan so this can work. At the moment, if I dial a number (07848004604) as withheld (14107848004604) it is "not found".

Looking for what to put in "pattern" and "Replacement" fields.


Nick Gonet

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There are several ways to get this done.


If you don't have a country code you can do something like pattern 141* and replacement 141*.


If you have a country code (which is always recommended) the PBX puts the dialed number in to the country format (xxxxxxxxxx for US domestic for example) which makes it hard to use prefixes. If you want to use prefixes in the US, you should think of calling a foreign country "Anonymia" with the country code 99. So then you would dial 01199xxxxxxxxxx (pattern 01199*) and the replacement 141*.


Alternatively, you can use the PBX ability to set the CLIR status of the account. Then in the trunk you can use the conditional presentation of header information like this: {if clip false}{from}{fi clip false}{if clip true}141{fi clip true} (introduced in version 5.0.5 or so). This gives you total control about what to display to the service provider, and the user can control CLIP with the star codes.

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