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Include calls in hunt group timer option?


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Hi Guys


Any chance of getting some 10,15,20,25,30 second timers put under the "When calling the extension in a hunt group:" drop down box?


Reason for the request is a customer wants the extensions to ring in a hunt group but not the cell phone straight away. (As they could be at there desk)


One way is typing the cell numbers directly into the hunt groups but this is messy and the "Offer special menu when call is answered on cell phone:" no longer works then.


Only other solution so far is to allocate each cell a different extension and put it in another stage in the hunt group. But then this becomes an issue if wanting to use cell twinning in other parts of the programming and is a waste of extension accounts.

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Yea.... we saw that request already when adding the cell phone forking to the hunt group. Unfortunately it is difficult to schedule those invitations during all those times. User 1 might decide to include the cell phone after 10 seconds, user 2 after 15 seconds and so on. Keep in mind that every call also may result in fail-over if the first trunk fails and so on.


You can somewhat control the timing with the hunt group stage delay. The desktop phones might start ringing a little earlier than they should; at the end of the day that solution comes with the risk that someone picks up the call that would otherwise not be bothered.

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