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Cisco 7965/7975 - current capabilities?


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We have a SoHo and a mini running v 4.5.1 "bug fix" s/w, and just started exploring what Cisco IP phones can/cannot do w the snom ONE system. Not using PnP functionality. (Polycom sets working nicely for years, but life too easy -- time for a challenge, etc.)

After a *big* struggle getting current SIP firmware loaded on a re-purposed "skinny" 7965G, and another struggle getting it to actually register, it finally works. Mostly.

Q1. Is no 'per call' intercom functionality possible?
Q2. Anyone seen a good [recent] write-up on the XML tags/fields for the SEP[mac].cnf.xml file? If so, can you share pls?
Q3. Will the BLF modules work (e.g. 7915/7916)? If not for presence status, at least as speed calls/add'l line keys?


Appreciate any wisdom from folks with current generation of Cisco sets working with snomONE.

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Q1: You can use the prefix (*90xxx) to initiate Intercom from the phone; for receiving intercom calls, you need to present a Call-Info header with auto-answer=0 as-far-as-I-know. The entries can be edited in the ringtones.xml file and in version 5, it seems that this is already included (see below). In version 4, you might have the problem that your license does not allow non-snom user-agents.


  <tone name="intercom" type="intercom">
    <vendor ua="Polycom.*">Auto Answer</vendor>
    <vendor ua="Cisco-.*" type="call-info">auto-answer=0</vendor>
    <vendor ua="optiPoint .*" type="call-info">auto-answer=0</vendor>
    <vendor ua="snom.*" type="call-info"><{from-uri}>;answer-after=0</vendor>
    <vendor ua="Linksys.*" type="call-info"><{from-uri}>;answer-after=0</vendor>
    <vendor ua="Aastra.*" type="call-info"><{from-uri}>;answer-after=0</vendor>
    <vendor ua="Yealink.*" type="call-info"><{from-uri}>;answer-after=0</vendor>
    <vendor type="answer-mode">Auto</vendor>
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Thanks! Yes, I've got intercom to work with the Cisco phones, but unlike with our Snom or Polycom sets, it appears that once a line has its "auto answer" field valued (0-3, apparently) in the Cisco SEP<macID>cnf.xml file, it either answers no calls or all calls as intercom. I.e., does not seem to care about that header's content on a call by call basis. :-(

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