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Call recordings not showing


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I've tested call recording today and although it recorded the message from my snom 870 to the recording folder in program files/snom/snomeone/recordings it has failed to show up in the GUI when logging into the snomeone pbx under accounts/features/recorded calls.

I also took at look by logging into the extension by the GUI and that also didn't show the call which was recorded.


Is there a bug or a configuration change to allow this to show up for both admin and the end user?

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It is debatable where is exactly should show. The way it is implemented is that it is like a mailbox message if the user starts the recording on his own. Historically it therefore showed up in the mailbox. I would not put it under the CDR, because CDR tend to get deleted relatively soon and I would think it is more natural if such a recording gets handled like a mailbox message (regarding archiving).

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