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Skype Connect and CallerID

Dale Weaver

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I have a SIP Trunk setup for SkypeConnect. Everything is working great. However, I can't get my CallerID to pass through remote phones I call. They SkypeConnect number is what is displayed.


I have the Trunk ANI set but Skype doesn't seem to pass it on. Does anyone know how to get skype to pass along the caller id?


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Well, I guess this is a limitation of the service. I guess Skype does not want to be responsible for caller-ID spoofing. Actually, many service providers have that problem.


The PBX uses the In-Reply-To header (see RFC3261) to give the provider the chance to verify that the caller-ID is *not* spoofed. However even though it is in the SIP standard, the support is very low for this.

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