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Extension to Extension - No Audio


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We setup a new system this past friday using snom one mini (fw phones are snom 821 (fw 8.4.35)

After the setup on Friday everything we tested was working fine. Today when we call extension to extension it rings, but no audio. Everything else is working fine. Outgoing calls, no problem, incoming calls no problem. Call extension 102 to extension 107, it rings, but when picked up no audio at all. Any help is appreciated.

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Try to reboot the phone, and see if that makes any difference. The phones have a PCAP trace feature, if they still don't work after the reboot, try to use it to grab a PCAP and see if the media is going back and forth.


Is this a LAN environment? If not, check the firewall. This is a high-percentage probability for trouble.

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