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Linksys feature codes


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Hi there, I currently have a couple Linksys phones connected to my CS410 box. The phones work fine on the system but I can't get the feature codes like call parking to work. When I originally tried it I just got a fast busy signal. I then noticed that they had their own defined feature codes in the phone so I tested removing them. When I do this, I now get a message saying that the feature isn't available. I have started using Snom phones and the feature codes seem to work fine in them but I still have a couple Linksys phones left over from an old system that I can't get to work. Is there a way to make these work properly preferably without having to define the codes in each phone?


Also, I know it isn't in this section but I didn't see a specific section for this. I have a cordless phone connected to an Linksys SPA2102 ATA. I don't know how to get the feature codes to work on an analog phone either.


Thanks for any help.

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I tried using both of the dial plans on my phones but I am still getting the message that the feature isn't available.


If you hear the IVR annoucement "This feature is not available" then the phone obviously connects to the PBX. Then it is not the phone's dial plan, in this case you have to continue the search on the PBX.

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