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Ringing while phone´s display clock runs

Carlos Montemayor

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I tried to set the title in such a way that may help others. Not an easy task, but well, I tried.


This is weird. For the first time, a call that I placed got the clock on the display of the phone started, as when it actually starts a connection and there will be conversation. The estrange thing, is that the phone kept ringing. No one had actually answered the phone. So, was the call connected or not? Since I was able to talk to the other party later on, I found that there had not been a connection. In the call log, I saw that the pbx had actually recorded the call as a successful one, although, it was not. Moreover, in the sip messages, I was able to see the following messages regarding that particular call:



Authentication Required




Session Progress








The pbx is a 5.1.3 running on Debian 64 and the phone is a Yealink that has its configuration file thanks to a wan based plug and play.


Is there something wrongly set in the trunk? or what can it be?

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