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mediatrix 4404

Guest jonytrifulca

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Guest jonytrifulca

Hi guys,

First post here, I have a mediatrix 4404 working perfect, but, sometimes the system send an error via syslog and some services go down:


700-Host Configuration: 85-Current default router is invalid.
3800-IP Media Synchronization: 110-No master clock is configured.


In this moment sip accounts is unregistered, no inbound and outbounds calls (is logic) and I have to entry web interface and start services manually: Telif, Mipt and Sipep services to registry again accounts.


This is the explanation from manual of this errors:


Current default router is invalid. Warning
This message is issued when the current default router is not reachable. The reason can be an invalid
combination of DefaultRouterConfigSource and Basic Network Interface (Bni) automatic network interfaceConnectionType, if any.


No master clock is configured.

Issued by a Slave when no Master host is configured and a local device needs synchronization.


Some clue about it?










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Guest jonytrifulca

Hi Vodia PBX, thanks for your help. Now mediatrix is connect direct to mikrotik routerboard, ethernet is set to 100Mbps, auto negotiation , full duplex, I will set to 10 Mbps and take a look. Ethernet cable has been replaced previously. Thanks again.

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Hello jonytrifulca,


700-Host Configuration: 85-Current default router is invalid.

-> This error is a network configuration error. It should not prevent anything from working tho. If I were you I would add one manually (I guess you manually set a network IP on the device. Simply go to the Network -> Host page or you can also set one on the interface in Network -> Interface. I usually use the fild in the Host page.

3800-IP Media Synchronization: 110-No master clock is configured. You don't usually need to configure this as the Clock Mode is Auto by default. Look at ISDN -> Status page to see what it is. The IP-Sync is a feature required when you use multiple ISDN device together.


Make sure you use a DGW v2.0 recent firmware. Media5 mades lots of fixes for ISDN in the last years. If you have an old version, maybe your issue was fixed. I think the latest is DGW v2.0.27.485. If you have something older than I strongly suggest to upgrade. Especially since the downgrade is SO easy with those units !


I suspect your ISDN provider might put the link to "sleep". Some provider do this to save energy. We could probably find a way to keep the link up if needed. There are additionnal parameters using the CLI/UMN that we can change.


If you still have issue. You can post a full Diagnostic Trace and I'll take a look at it.

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Guest jonytrifulca

Hi MediatrixUser, first time thanks for share your experience is greatly appreciated,


I tell you:


700-Host Configuration: 85-Current default router is invalid => I have set a static IP address yet.


3800-IP Media Synchronization: 110-No master clock is configured =>


Under ISDN=> Status I see "Clock Reference: None"


Under isdn->Basic rate interface, I have set interface clock mode = Master under every Bri interface (bri1,bri2,bri3,bri4)


and under isdn->ipsync the clock synchronization Status is Innactive and clock synchronization Configuration is


Port: 5003

static master host: empty

static redundant master host: empty


I use a only mediatrix 4404 connect to traditional isdn pbx.


About firmware I have version I have version, I go to mediatrix web to download new version but I think that I have to download via support portal : but I don´t have user pass to access it.


So my questions now is:

I must set clock to auto in every interface?

How I can download latest firmware?

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Hello again jonytrifulca,

700-Host Configuration: 85-Current default router is invalid -> If everything works, don't worry about this. A Default Router is only needed if the IP traffic of the device needs to go out of the subnet.

3800-IP Media Synchronization: 110-No master clock is configured => You probably don't use IP Sync so I'd go ahead and disable the IPSync Service (set to manual and stop it in System -> Services) and these errors will stop.

About the firmware, because DGW v2.0 uses encryption they make you fill a form before they can give it to you. It's a pretty basic form (name, country, etc) so send a request here :
and simply ask for a support portal access for the download of DGW 2.0.

Right now I don't think you really need to upgrade. I looked at the realease notes and not much is different for ISDN in the lastest versions. (Might still be worth for the future anyway, if you feel like it)

About the issue now, if you want to test a setting, go in ISDN -> Basic Rate Interface and set the "Link Establishment" to "Permanent". If your PBX shutdown the link, the unit should re-establish it right away.


Prepare to take diagnostic logs if this doesn't work ...

Let me know if this help !


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Guest jonytrifulca

Hello again MediatrixUser and first time thanks again for your help,


I stopped and disable IPsysnc service.

I take a look to SDN -> Basic Rate Interface and "Link Establishment" is set to "Permanent".


But I have take a look again to write the post and... this section is gone :S





But no worry, trunks is registered and work,


This info is before disable IP sync service:


This is the image of services when registry is down and I will set it manually





this is the log when trunks unregister:





and this is the log when I startup services again:





Now I disable the IPsync service and will monitor mediatrix this morning....


Thanks again.

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Guest jonytrifulca

Hi again MediatrixUser, and thanks again for your help


I follow your instructions and enable Diagnostics trace under System->Syslog -> Technical Asistance Centre -> Diagnostic Traces:


Now this is the syslog trace of moment before system error and sevices goes down:





In this time services is down and no more logs until y start services again, this is the trace after start services: ( on 11:52:54 on bottom of image , system stop logs and I must start services)




Images on zip => http://ge.tt/1SBO62U1/v/0

Well, this will make me crazy!! Some ideas? Thanks again

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Ok, I'm not entirely sure what is the problem yet. We might have to take another log like this one to add information.


First I think I see a "End dumping call st" This could be "call stack" if it is a "call stack" this is a serious problem (process crash in the unit). And since I saw "/muse and /libc.so I believe it is a call stack. I also see syslog IDs resetting (from [1E29] to [0000] This usually mean a reboot.


I believe the issue happens at the end of a call.


First, I suggest setting the LLDP service to manual if you don't use it . This service is used to find VLAN information automatically. This is rarely used.


Second, send them a request to access the lastest DGW version. Use the link I posted earlier. Ask for an "access to their portal to download DGW v2.0.27.485" they will send you a document to fill and you can then just send them to get access. You can also ask your reseller, but I think it was much quicker to fill their document for me (got access the same business day). If you don't get access quickly, PM me. I spoke with an engineer of them, maybe he can speed things up. Upgrading might solve this issue. Cross your finger ! Also I saw a fix for b-channel release in their release notes. Worth a try !


Third we can play around a bit with ISDN settings, but since this is on a call disconnect and I don't have complete syslog info (end of line cuts, only last seconds,etc) it is hard do suggest something. Can you extract a text file with your syslog software ? It would give me a bit more information on the call.



Summary :

1. Disable LLDP if you don't use it (Take a backup of your config before, just in case (I suggest to go to Management->Configuration Script, click the link at the top "Activate ..." then at the bottom Change "Content" for "Modified Config" and click Export & Download))

2. Fill and submit the form here : http://www.media5corp.com/index2.php?option=com_facileforms&Itemid=197&ff_contentid=144&ff_form=21&ff_applic=plg_facileforms&format=html&ff_frame=1 asking for DGW v2.0 access. I can also help if this doesn't work, PM me.

3. As long as you wait for DGW v2.0 firmware, try to extract the syslog in a text file so I can have more than the last 5 minutes of logs. Having the completes ISDN messages might give me an idea of settings to change to help. (Like disable unecessary ISDN service, etc.)


I hope I can help you see through this !

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Guest jonytrifulca

Thank you very very much for your help MediatrixUser, I follow your instructions and:


1) I make a backup config and disable LLDP service -> stop and set to manual


2) I fill and submit form, but I found this url (https://support.mediatrix.com/DownloadPlus/downloadlist.asp?productid=133&projectid=1&cu=35&co=13125&sid=18x103x30x109x106x134x141x144x145x151x154x155x156x159&i=&em=download) I think that is the firmware that you indicate to me "DGW v2.0.27.485". If you have a moment please confirm to me if this is ok to update.


In this moment I wait all morning and mediatrix works ok( after stop LLDP), i don´t know if is luck... XD


If I get a new error I will export all log to a .txt file and post here, about firmware... I´m not sure to update with the firmware post before.


Thanks again!!

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Guest jonytrifulca

Ok, I come back with notices, this afternoon mediatrix will disconnect from network again, but, this time, when connect again, services is up, I don´t need restart services and Mediatrix register again by self.Mmmm maybe we are on right way!!! :) :)

I extract the syslog trace -> http://ge.tt/7cKOsSU1/v/0?c


I mark a point with "ERROR POINT THINK" about minute 15:53 minutes


Thanks for help!!!!!

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Hello jonytrifulca,


Unfortunately, I can't seem to download the file this time. Maybe upload it as a zip ? :(


As for the download link you found, that are only the MIBS files. This is not a firmware. You will see that inside the zip file files are very different from a firmware. You will unfortunately have to wait for them to send you your access.


I'll wait for a new link to download the syslog trace !

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latest notices, after several unregister <-> register, this morning mediatrix go to default settings alone, dhcp on ethernet, no sip accounts..., but, under Management->File, I can see the backup configuration files!!!

Now it is here in the office, :( Im wait notices from media5corp.com to download latest firmware... I don´t know what more I can do.. this is crazy, this mediatrix is is possessed!!!!

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Hello jonitrifulca2,


I can say that it is what I suspected. It is a crash of one of the Mediatrix service.


I believe it is related to SIP. It is a bit late today unfortunately, but I'll take a look at this whenever I have time tomorrow. (It takes a bit of time to analyse a text trace like this, especially since there are lots of calls).


As for the default settings, it is an "expected behavior". There is a timer in the unit that starts when the unit boots. If the unit does not boot correctly within that time, it will increase a counter. If this counter gets too high the unit will go back to a previous firmware/configuration. In your case since you don't have any firmware in the second bank (never upgraded) the unit self-factory reset but preserved your config.


Can you give me just a little bit more detail on the setup ? I see that multiple calls are sent to the Mediatrix unit at the same time in the trace. I'm curious if you did a trunk in your server ? If so you might consider doing the trunk in the Call Router instead. Just a thought I'll give you more detail when I'm done with the trace.

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Hello Jonitrifulca2,


I looked at the trace. What I see before the crash is :


-Lots of Registers

Your registration timer is set to the default of 120s -> Not a problem

You have 4 registrations enabled -> That seems a bit high for such a unit (more on that later)

-Lots of Options

There is one Options message for each registration, so see registration comments :)

-4 almost simultaneous calls

This seems to be a kind of Ring-group in your Asterisk server designed probably to catch the first free BRI port.


When the 4 calls hit the Mediatrix unit, two go to BRI and 2 are rejected at the Call Router. One of the two calls that hit BRI is cancelled (the second one). That cancelled call seems to cause the issue. It seems that cancelling twice the call via SIP and then sending a ISDN Connect message causes the crash in the SIP service. I would think it is because the unit is trying from ISDN to cancel a call that no longer exists in SIP. (I can send you a more detailed analysis if you want)


That being said I think we can change your configuration to work around the issue.

I will need a copy of your configuration (save the modified config as explained in one of my ealier post). From there I can suggest some modification.

What I have in mind :

1. Remove the users in the Asterisk server

2. Create a trunk in the Asterisk server

3. Create an outbound route for numbers "5000, 50001, 50002, 5003" and send them to the trunk

4. Remove all registration in the Mediatrix

5. Add a unit registration in the Mediatrix (to go with the trunk config in Asterisk)

6. Change the Call router a bit so that each call goes to all BRI ports.


Let me know this would cause an issue with your setup, but I think that if Asterisk sends a single calls that the Mediatrix handles to the first free BRI, you won't hit the problem.


Of course your setup can work in future version of DGW v2.0. Upgrading is still possible, but I think that modifying a bit the configuration can save you.


Again, if you send me your config I can suggest the modifications required (not on the Asterisk side, tho if you tell me how you configure Asterisk (FreePBX, Config files ?)I can maybe guide you a little)


I hope this helps.

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Well it is Vodia PBX, not Asterisk. Never mind. Anyway, we are working on including gateways in the provisioning procedure as well. It would be great to have a good template that we can send to the gateway (through a HTTP POST), with a few places like the outbound proxy and essential device parameters like the number of POTS lines. Then we can avoid those long discussions on how the device should be set up ^_^

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Lol well of course it is... I guess it was pretty late :)


I just used the User-Agent in the SIP and them got all mixed up with my previous work with Asterisk.


An HTTP POST might be possible, but there are some limitation because of the webpage username/password. The Mediatrix unit support DHCP options for auto-configuration. I'll take a look at the options for the future, you are right it might be useful.

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Hi again guys, until the magic autoaprovisioning solution come to recue me from hell XDD I must to work hard with this case XDD. Ok I made your recommendations and:


I think like MediatrixUser that can be a capacity problem, because when no calls ( night for example) the unit don´t crash . So yesterday I made the changes that you comment to me (until I wait the response of media5corp with the new firmware):


Only a trunk in asterisk => "50000"

Remove all registration in the Mediatrix => ok


A upload a image of actual status of SIP->Registrations [imagen]

Actual status of call routing -> [imagen2]


So after this modifications the services seems ok all morning, I wait until afternoon to be sure to post but.... even though the services have not been disconnected I have now had problems with callerID. The analogic pbx see all time calls from 50000 the asterisk trunk.Pfff


This was my asterisk configuration to call mediatrix, that cause a wrong callerid:

I use this way always this other gateways, this mediatrix before changes, etc.. with no problems but now make problems


exten = 999999999,1,Dial(SIP/50000/${EXTEN},80)

exten = 999999999,2,Hangup


read more about it(including a another MediatrixUser post ( I no found the options that you say on this post, maybe because is other model) and in mediatrix 4400 configuration notes says:



Enabling the “Calling Line Information Presentation” parameter makes the caller ID present in outgoing SIP to ISDN calls.
WARNING: Even if the Mediatrix unit passes the caller ID, it could be suppressed further downstream on either SIP or ISDN.
For caller ID problems, looking at the syslog messages containing the SEND Setup messages is a good debug approach.


but I no found any interesting information about "SEND Setup" in traces




I change the dial string to contact directly to the IP from mediatrix:


exten = 999999999,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},80)

exten = 999999999,2,Hangup


and now the analogic PBX see the correct callerid.


I think the second way is not a good way, but I dont know why the callerid identification fail now. And this way is now working ok


I make two traces


1) Trace with callerid problems: Call from 666666666 to 856856856(asterisk)->mediatrix [file]


2) Trace with callerid OK (using asterisk second way directy to mediatrix IP): Call from 666666666 to 956956956(asterisk)->mediatrix [file]



And thanks thanks thanks thanks again for your help guys, I have the impression that we're almost at the end of solving this!!!!

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The difference between using the IP address and 50000, is that using the IP address is more like using a trunk. It does not actually use the defined user 50000.


In itself it is not a bad thing. If this work for you just leave it just the way it is :)


One downside is that the Qualify (Options) will not work. This means that if the Mediatrix is unreacheable, the calling party will wait for a long time before the call is rejected (32 seconds by default).


From the Mediatrix point of vue, the first option (using the user) will always set the Calling Party Number to 50000 (not the name, just the number) because of the PBX (This is not a Mediatrix config). You could use the Call Router and add a Mapping to the Second Route to change the Calling Party Number and replace it with the Calling Party Name (which seems correct). If you want to do this :

1. Create a new Mapping Type Criteria : Calling Name, Transformation : Calling-E164

2. Click the Create Mapping Expression

3. Criteria : .+ Transformation : \0

4. Change back to

exten = 999999999,1,Dial(SIP/50000/${EXTEN},80)

This should put the Calling Name (which seems correct with 666666666) in the Calling-E164 (This means Calling Number in ISDN)


The Call Router seems more like a patch to a somewhat suboptimal config in the VodiaPBX. I'd have to re-install my old VodiaPBX to guide through the config :(


Try the Call Router, it's a seriously underestimated feature of those units.

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Hi again MediatrixUser,

Sorry for delay, but I don´t see the number "2" botton page to second page of post.... :unsure::D


This is the phrase: ""In itself it is not a bad thing. If this work for you just leave it just the way it is"" XDD.


If I have more time and hardware I will try, as always, your indications on call-route, now I will leave the system running this way.


Now I can say that everything is running fine thanks to you, thanks again for share your experience


long life mediatrix 4404!!! ( at least that I have) XDD

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