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Vodia mini PBX migration


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I have been working on the configuration migration from CentOS to Vodia mini PBX. And finally managed to get all the configuration copied over, I think I did it right. But when I hooked one Snom870 with PnP provisioning, it registers, but all the call out will be rejected with the log entry below.

[2] 19:04:51.388	GENE:	Port 3: Reject call because of too many calls in domain

The phone says "Service Unavailable" though all trunks are registered for calling out and in. What seems to be the problem here? It has only one phone registered to the PBX, and it is licensed to 10 extensions.



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This message is generated if there are too many calls in the domain (there is a setting for that in the admin/domain edit) or on the whole system. You will see more detail on log level 7 in the general category, especially if it was because of the system or because of the domain.

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