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CSTA Answercall on version 5.1.3 did not work


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Please find the SIP trace of the device
(snom 720 version
(snom 760 version

The pbx log file : PBX_Trace.txt
The wireshark trace : PBX_WireShark_Trace.Zip
The CSTA trace from our application: CSTATrace.txt

Talk event is supported but this event seems to be not received.
All device are on the same lan as the PBX.

In the wireshark trace you can see the AnswerCall CSTA request, but in the PBX trace file , nothing is found.

How can we process on this point ?
We can do a remote session if it is more easy for you to see what happens on the PBX ?







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At least one problem is that the deviceId is sometimes in the "user@domain" form, and in other cases just in the form "user". What CSTA tool are you using again? In theory it would be possible that the PBX looks up the domain by itself because it has the CSTA session context anyway. But before we start looking into what this would mean it would be good to know if we can instead fix it on the CSTA client side.

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Algoria ( http://www.algoria.fr ) is an editor in UCC software , and we provide solution for many IPBX constructor or device constructor as Snom One pr Snom Device , but also Mite / Aastra PBX /Alcatel / Siemens ...

And check the CSTA traces and i not sure that your answer is the solution because:


To start monitoring you must use device numer + domain context , il not the monitor return an error , Right ?


When the device received an incomming call the connection ID done by the PBX is a dialingNumer with no context ) and in the alerting device the dialing number as a context , so this not our application who set this information


When we send an answer call to the PBX we used the exact connexion séquence received in the delivered event , so in my point of view this right and it should work.


You will find in the attached file the CSTA trace with : StartMonitor / delivered event (incomming call) and / answer call


Let me know the point of view




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