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Hi everyone,


I'm new on snom one and i wanna customize the web user interface by adding a new tab to permit them to change their ringtone and also delete the other tab that i don't want my user to change (like parameters, voicemail, status, etc ...)


Can you give me some tips to do so if it's possible of course.


I'm currently using version Zeta Perseids (snom ONE mini)



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I'm actually on a snom one mini and i think it's not possible for me to go to version 5, however in version 4 i can still hide information to user so it's pretty great, i just have to found how to allow him to change his ringtone via this web interface

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Actually snomONE mini can be upgraded to version 5 if we are talking about this product. Some user get this confused with the plug unit.



They're is license you will need to upgrade as well to run version 5, you will also get a complementary 50% off the price list as well.

If you need any details send me a PM.



Best regards

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