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Yealink Firmware Version 72.0.30 not erasing configuration file when reseting to factory defaults

Carlos Montemayor

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I was trying to make some changes to the PnP file for Yealink pones. Something that I use to be able to do. However, although I am generating a new edited yealink_common.txt, It is not being taken by the phone during plug and play.


What I believe that may be happening here, is that the newer version of the firmware (version 72.0.30) is not allowing for erasing of the configuration file by doing "reset to Factory defaults".


Has somebody else from the forum come across this issue? If it is not that, I do not know what else I may be doing wrong.





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So it doesn't take any changes from the pbx anymore? I mean does ask for its pnp file (with its mac address) in the logs?




Are you saying that it just doesn't take effect IF you make changes to it in the admin template or domain customize locations?

In that case, it could be that you are making changes in the admin mode templates and there are also some changes in the same file in the domain customize page.

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Well, this is a bit embarrassing, but what the hell, shame would be to get caught stealing in flagrancy. Sorry!


I was not aware that the section regarding customization exists at admin level, for all domains, as well as in the domain. I was tweaking in the admin level and the file actually being used was the one at domain level. Now I wonder when would the files at admin level would be used since when MAC based PnP is used, it always gets its configuration file from the section at domain level.


I was also a victim of a terrible translation of the release notes from Chinese to English. Now, I do not know what they were talking about regarding configuration files on version 72,


Sorry again and thanks

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