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Not able to use star codes on SPA 303

Carlos Montemayor

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I need to set up an Auto Attendant. First step is to record the greeting but the phone, which is an SPA303 that did successfuly a WAN based PnP does not allow the use of the "*" (star). Right after inputing the "*" key, it says "invalid number". What should I change in order to be able to dial * codes on a SPA303?



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Probably the phone dial plan is not set properly. Although it should work for *xx where xx are numbers but may not work if there is something else there.

You can find it on the phone's web interface, top right. Go to admin login, then advanced. Then click on tab Ext1 for ext1 etc. and scroll down where you see dial plan.


xx.|*xx means all numbers but if it starts with * then two digits are allowed. You can change it to xx.|*xxxx etc. Although these simple plans are easy to figure out, but you can read cisco manual for all the different ways to set it up.


I hope it helps.

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It did help. Thanks indeed!


The dial plan only had a bunch of "x". I did not count them. So I changed it to the following:


*xxxxx]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Well, I did not count the number of x in the second part of the "or").


I suppose that we should also change something in the PnP template for the Cisco phones. This need appeared because we were unable to record an auto attendant after doing PnP (we had to dial *98 plus the account number of the Auto Attendant)


Regards and thanks again.

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Good that it works for you now.


Yes we do provision them but the problem is a lot of people didn't want to press enter after most of their 2-digit star codes like DND etc.

For that, two digits after * dials it automatically.


But of course it creates this problem that you faced.


So we'll have to think about it a bit.

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