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Issues with Hunt Group and Cell Phone


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I am very new to this platform and am running into an issue when creating an afterhour hunt group to call out to cell phones.


There is 2 levels of complexity to what I am trying to do, this is the first level.


I have 3 people that I want to have on call after hours. So I created extensions for them that are tied to thier cell phones (that seems to be working fine)


I have the hunt group set up to go


Ext 228 for 15 sec


Ext 225 for 15 sec


Final Stage is Ext 226 (if he does not answer, I would like it to go to his voicemail so client can leave a message)


(also please note:I do have to "Offer special menu...... turned on)


Test Call # 1 - Call in, ext 228 answers, all good


Test Call # 2 - Call in, ext 228 let's it go, ext 225 answers. However, before he cal press the "1" then call is gone and doesnt move to ext. 226. On the testers phone just rings forever.


Test Call # 3 - Call in, ext 228 let's it go, ext 228 let's it go, ext 225 answers. all is good.


Test Call # 4 - Call in, ext 228 let's it go, ext 228 let's it go, ext 225 let's it go. is does not connect to his cell phone voicemail it just rings for ever




One additional question.,,. Can I have the final stage be a voicemail?


Thanks in advance

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On the final stage do you have 8226 "8" being the prefix number to voice mail. If it's setup this way it will directly go to the extension VM.


I would also turn off "Offer special menu...... turned on) to off since the duration are short "15sec"

I would set "Include the cell phone in calls to extension" to immediately if you haven't.


On test 4 should it not go to extension 226?

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