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Vodia Mini Multiple (Incorrect) IP addesses


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In the System Status Overview of my Vodia mini PBX there are 2 MAC addresses listed and 3 separate IPv4 addresses listed. In order the IPv4 addresses are,, and Our internal network is on a 192.168.x.x scheme with a subnet mask of, so the last two addresses are on the correct subnet but the first isn't. I can log into the PBX with either of the 192.168.x.x addresses as well. It also lists the DNS server as The addresses are obtained through DHCP, and I know that the DHCP server is providing the IP of our firewall as the DNS server (


My question is, first of all why are there 2 MAC addresses and multiple IP's? The second is how do I get rid of the address and get the correct DNS servers assigned. We have intermittent problems with the Email server not being able to resolve to Gmail to send messages, and I'm guessing that the problem stems from this DNS server listing. Also, we are encountering random instances of failure to register with Flowroute (our ISTP).


Any info or ideas would be appreciated!

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The is coming from the USB connector (as far as I remember). Whoever did that on the beagle-bones wasn't a networking guru. You obviously hit the jackpot and have an overlap. If you can log in with SSH there is a file somewhere in the networking section where you can find the address and then possibly move it to another address.


The DNS is because there is a local DNS server running which is in turn talking to the real DNS server. That is not unusual especially for embedded systems that have only very primitive DNS clients without cache, though I personally would not do it that way. The PBX has a good DNS client that can handle the caching fine.

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