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can you listen to call recordings longer than 3 minutes on the web portal ?

Lyle Chritton

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i have lots of recordings that are 2-4 minutes long, and lots of times the recordings will stop playing around the 3 minute mark +/- 30 seconds, even though there is more recording to hear.


I have a lot of recordings that are in the 4-9 minute range which I can't finish at all because they stop playing after the 3rd minute.


Anybody have a fix for this issue ?


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I believe that depends on the browser and the version, maybe even the firewall. Unfortunately the HTML5 features are still in the process of stabilizing in the web world, it seems. The PBX does nothing else than just delivering the audio data, and I am pretty sure that we did not program anything that tells the PBX to hang up after 3 minutes. Anyhow, if you can get us a PCAP from the maybe we can see if there is a TCP disconnect and where it comes from.

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I've tried this with the computers and networks I regularly use and it happens each time, just not at the same time each time (sometimes it's 2:45 and sometimes it 3:15 and sometimes it' 3:45).


I am double-checking to see if other users have this issue and if this issue is reproducible from other machines on other networks.


Also getting a PCAP of the user logging into the server and they playing back the audio recording is a great idea, but instructions or a how to would be better. It's not like I can turn on PCAP recording for that sort of thing from the PBX server.


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