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Snom One Erratic Behaviour

Dave Alvarado

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Hi, I have a Snom ONE 16 FXO with sangoma appliance that is not working now, it was working Ok until last weekend, nothing was changed in the configuration and the trunks began to fail, also the sound on the calls was not good, the system showed on the sangoma card this alarms


read failed: No buffer Space Available(105) and before it was B-Channel15 failed to read wanpipe RX queue.


Finally when the call enters the auto attendant, and we dial any option, it does not receives the instruction, kind of ignores it so the auto attendant goes around one more time and finally the call gets answered, but then there is only one way audio, caller can't be heard in the snom phones.


Any recommendations?



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A common problem with the snom ONE plus is (was) that the logs from the PSTN gateway were filling up the hard drive and eventually crash the system (time bomb). In some systems we found literally millions of email warnings scheduled for delivery. If you know how to set up the gateway, you can fix this yourself or have either the Sangoma support or us take a look at this.

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