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Fallback number for incoming calls


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I need your guidance for the implementation of the following scenario:


A customer (who has his own non-Vodia PBX) wants a SIP Trunk with the PBX for in- and outbound communication. For the inbound calls the requirement is that all calls that receive a busy (486) tone from the remote system must be automatically forwarded to another/ fallback number.


I at first tried a SIP Gateway trunk and played around with several settings in the trunk settings page without success. The redirection to the fall back number (I use the “Redirect destination when all lines are busy:” for this) does not work.


I am now thinking of a SIP registration trunk approach. An extension on the PBX will be registered to the remote PBX. I will send all incoming calls to that extension and whenever the remote PBX returns a busy signal the call will be automatically forwarded to the fallback number (set in the “Include following extensions when this extension is being called:” field) .


A drawback in this is that the customer has ten incoming numbers and in case of busy the calls to each number should be forwarded to a different number. Thus, ten registration trunks are needed and I am not sure if he would accept such a solution. My other concern is the caller ID. Whatever I have tried, the PBX does not forward the caller's caller ID but the domain or the extension's ANI.


Does anyone have another suggestion?


Thank very much in advance,


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