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Calls entering CDR under wrong domain (multidomain)


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- We have a PBX that has multiple domains (lets say 20).

- All calls come through a trunk that is in a 'central' domain - the trunk is 'global', and routes to DID numbers in other domains (routing works fine)


However, when the calls are logged to CDR, they register under that 'central' domain, NOT under the eventual destination domain.


We have an older instance of SnomONE running on another server with the exact same setup, and the calls get logged under the eventual destination domain. This is important for the purposes of having the call recordings readily available in the call log of that domain.


Any thoughts?


Levi Shores

Digital Technology Partners

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It is debatable what is the best/right behavior in this situation. On the one hand the owner of the trunk wants to know what calls were going through the trunk. On the other hand, the way the trunk it working is that the call gets delegated into a domain. What kind of CDR are you actually using (there are so many these days, see http://www.vodia.com/documentation/cdr)?


The call recordings (audio) should be definitively in the right domain, no matter if they came from a local or a global trunk.

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Well, it's the call recording that poses the real issue. I'm not actually sending the CDR anywhere, but just observed that the call recording was entering the 'global' domain, instead of the 'final one.


That's my core problem - I need to grant a domain admin access to THEIR recordings through the web interface.


Any thoughts on how to get the system to detect that?



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