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Directory Shows names randomly


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Am installed snom ONE blue server on my office and its working properly. Currently am facing one issue from this server.


when we press the directory button, previously the default screen will show names in alphabetical orders (Eg: Agnes, Alice, Boardroom, Cecilia).However now the directory is showing in random order (Eg: Chew Zhi Qi, 222, 234, Ang Jia Qin).


How can i resolve this issue ? we are using more than 100 snom phones in our office and all phones shows this issue.

How can i change LDAP settings on my server ?



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When the user presses the button first, the PBX will start searching for all matches that contain that first character. So it is not unusual that the PBX comes with a lot of seemingly unrelated matches. As the user keeps refining the search, the PBX should then come up with more useful results, and eventually the entry the user was looking for.


The LDAP part was rewritten in version 5 to make better searches possible and also to enhance the LDAP compatibility, especially when you perform searches that are not the default in the snom phones.

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